Label Love: 3 Mile White

This week I chose to feature one of my favorite local wines. I haven’t reviewed Currahee Winery yet, but we have enjoyed going there for years. The 3 Mile White from Currahee Vineyards & Winery is by far one of my favorite semi-sweet white wines. This wine comes from Toccoa, Georgia, near Currahee Mountain. The back label reads:

“From the prehistoric Mound Builders, to the Cherokee, to the 506th Airborne Infantry Regiment running ‘3 miles up, 3 miles down’, Currahee Mountain has witnessed it all. Now ol’ Currahee watches over the sun-kissed Georgia Muscadines growing at its feet. We invite you to taste our wine, gaze at the mountain and become a part of the Currahee story”

3 Mile White has an extremely aromatic nose of muscadine, a locally grown grape. Slightly more dry than most muscadine wines, this taste is light and refreshing. It tastes like you’re eating muscadines right off the vine! It’s fresh, fruity, and slightly sweet.


If you’re aren’t from or around Georgia, you can order this wine online at Currahee Vineyards-3 Mile White. It’s only $15! Such a great deal for a little taste of the South. Until next time, Happy Sipping!



Label Love: Liebfraumilch

Each Friday, I’ll be featuring a bottle of wine that I love. It may or may not be a local wine, but it will be a great wine for wine lovers to give a try.

The first wine I’d like to share is Leonard Kreusch’s Liebfraumilch Rheinhessen. Translated as “Mother’s Milk” or “Milk of the Blessed Mother”, this German white wine is from the Rhine Valley. Liebfraumilch is fresh, light, and fruity, with just a hint of sweetness. This wine is perfect with a meal or on it’s own. There are other wine makers who produce a Liebfraumilch, but Leonard Kreusch has been making wine for centuries, and I feel that his is the best.

2017-06-09 12.00.38

Here’s the most wonderful thing about this wine: it’s widely available in most stores! And a 750ml bottle is only $8! Yes, you heard me right. EIGHT DOLLARS. So please give this delicious wine a try. You won’t be disappointed! Happy sipping!